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[ - ] DH and I both work. He makes 2x more. We earn enough. He is taking a "dream job" he really wants someplace I don't want to live. Another state, different region. I don't love my current job but I do like my city, geography, kids school, our nanny who was hard to find, extracurricular opportunities, and proximity to friends and family. They may offer me a job too but I have no enthusiasm for this move. I do not want to go. He will go with or without me. 3 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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So your options are to get divorced or move with a good attitude. If you're resistant you won't make the best of it and will end up bitter and divorced anyway. Maybe it'll be a good thing? Different can be good... [ Reply | More ]
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np -- the problem is that her dh has decided he's going and screw what's best for the rest of his family. that kind of disregard speaks to deep underlying problems in their marriage. at least she likes where she lives now. what happens when she moves and guess what -- she's still married to a selfish asshole who puts his wants above what's best for his family, only now she's living somewhere she hates without the network and resources she's built up over the years. [ Reply | More ]
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Wow. That's pretty selfish of him to unilaterally decide that. Obviously you and the kids are not too high on his priority list. I'd be tempted to let him go alone. [ Reply | More ]
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