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[ - ] I am so confused and alone. As I posted before I have an abusive narcissistic mother and have now have an increasingly angry DH (partly due to job issues.) Last time we all had a vacation with my mother's relatives they were so awful and rude to me he hated me for 2 weeks after. Ever since I was a child my mother and aunt would make me admit that I have such a bad personality and am weird and am so overly sensitive. They were horrible to my father also. Now narcissistic mother has bonded with SIL and accusing me to her of being an angry unhappy person. Now I am actually angry. My mother says says crazy things about her sister when she is mad like she wants to strangle her and put a pillow over her head so I can just image what she says about me. She also "wants to strangle my cousin" because he avoids my aunt and now I finally realize he is not a bad guy but was just escaping the insanity. I don't want to make a big deal out of it but just escape either with my marriage intact. DH are not really that well matched and having trouble anyway so my mother smells the blood and is going in for the kill. She thinks I will be closer to her if I am not married. Is there anyone who has a parent who wants to own them? 1 Reply [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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You need to go to therapy ASAP. Also do some reading about narcissism and triangulation. She may ruin some of your relationships but you should bring DH to the therapist also so he learns about what is going on and that it is not your fault. Narcissist are really dangerous and manipulative people and she can turn your DH and in laws against you especially if you are already having problems. You and DH to therapy stat. [ Reply | More ]
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