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[ - ] No one in America knows this but The government of Iran encourages women to be highly educated. I think a huge percentage go to college and most med school students are female. As a result of this high education level, Iranian women refuse to have babies and the population is set to plummet 3 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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The birthrate in Iran has fallen faster than it has in any other nation in recorded history. From 8 to under 2 in just a very short time [ Reply | More ]
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i wonder if it's a conscientious of the government (and not just in words, words are cheap) or it's just the difficult environment it creates, that makes women perceive education as the only way out (and up). [ Reply | More ]
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^ effort of the gov. [ Reply | More ]
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this made my asshole bleed [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] does anyone get hamsters or gerbils anymore? Which are sweeter? I always wanted one with those cool hamster plastic tube play houses and now that I have a dc it is a good excuse. Any suggestions on hamster or gerbil, website on how to take care and brand of running wheel and tubes/house for it? Do you wish you did not get one? Anyone BTDT? 8 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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DD9 got a long-haired syrian hamster for xmas. It lives in a two-level, $25 cage from petco. I clean it weekly and replace bedding. takes 5 min tops. I never wanted one, but now I really like the little guy. We hand-feed him slivered almonds as treats, and he has never bitten us. He makes noise at night, but DD doesn't mind at all. Super easy [ Reply | More ]
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PP An he will live 2 years or so. [ Reply | More ]
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op: Thanks [ Reply | More ]
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op: Thank you!! [ Reply | More ]
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+1 Hamster. Gerbils are so much smaller & easier to frighten or injure. Get a larger breed of hamster and it's more fun. [ Reply | More ]
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op: Thank you. I don't know much about either. Do you recommend a long haired Syrian hamster? What is the most affectionate, friendly and easy breed of hamster? Do you recommend female or male. Thanks! [ Reply | More ]
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What do you think is the youngest age for dc to have one? Obviously it is me that really wants one. [ Reply | More ]
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Richard Geere... Is that you? [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] if you had to pick just one for your birthday, assuming prices are all the same: facial, massage, or jewelry? 1 Reply [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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If the jewelry costs the same as the massage, definitely a massage, but I we're talking diamonds, is definitely rather have jewelry [ Reply | More ]
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