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[ - ] They just hold it really make a circle Ruby ankle just the candle is lit up social circle one direction for handed 9 make you think you can 8 Saturn 6 that ha-ha stir by or theory he'll give me one more reamer said for 10 good 9 8 sad and that's it thanks 5 for and Lee laugh to and what nice job let's go ahead and switch play going to set up on the other side again neither stop after tight flex that other put down from the post has back to that then you're standing me abs and he left the lower house Capetown lightly beauty good you might even eventually 18years with our holding on to something to make it more challenging good halfway there hi and lower 60 but nice like to look but axle up tend to have up one more time up and down good let's hold it and make those circles to the ankle hurts had night good eighth 7 that fit fixed pie wire spartagen 30 to you one more time around this direction three percent per hand 9 Inc 7 not fit sex keeping by or theory to and one nice job good so let's go ahead and have a heating the chair now grabbing the ball are bunched up our own and we're going to start by turning on the inner thighs so I use it Hall squeeze the ball or that whole right in between your knees so feel the inner thighs how that baler how for you just couldn't let you feel slightly off the floor keep the pastor in Mason Hall you can hold onto a chair if you like an arduous alternate extending one legit a time Beach out with a leg and down other side out with a leg and down Lori and down greet and out to make sure that you're not leaving back here. keep as in tight shoulders right over your head so want you to feel those quadriceps extend the lake and lower extend and lower that said or eat and down. For Important and Detailed Information Visit to >>> http://bnathighgames.com/spartagen-xt/ 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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