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[ - ] Would you say that the US and England are more similar than they are different? Because I have been living with DH in Preston, Lancashire for almost two years now, and it's striking how similar day-to-day life is to my previous life in the Providence area. I was warned about all kinds of cultural shocks, but it hasn't worked that way. 1 Reply [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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well, we were a part of the british empire and direct descendants of the british. but i also felt the same way about the spanish and even the maltese. not that different. it is a european culture here to a large degree. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] http://testoxtrmadvice.com/ 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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[ - ] Pregnancy test was positive earlier tonight, but the line was very faint. Then I went and bought the digital kind, and it said not pregnant. So now I'm waiting until morning to try again. I can NOT SLEEP. I feel wired like christmas eve when I was kid. Any "faint line" preg success stories?? 10 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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omg just go to sleep and take a test in the morning. [ Reply | More ]
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I can't! This is what I'm saying!! [ Reply | More ]
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I know! But you have no choice! Lol [ Reply | More ]
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You're right. I know you're right. I read half a book, though, and still awake. Eek. [ Reply | More ]
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A line is a line. You're pregnant! Very early pregnant. I had a line 2 days before I had a positive on a digital test. The digital tests are less sensitive. Go ahead and pee on a bunch of non digital tests (first response!) and get more lines and start getting used to the news. :) [ Reply | More ]
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Thank you :) I'm just so surprised. We tried for 6 months last year and nada. This time we only had sex twice once I got off BC, and weren't even "trying" to hit the right date. [ Reply | More ]
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Digital tests are least sensitive tests. Try FRER [ Reply | More ]
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Mine was very faint but the digital showed pregnant. I have a beautiful DD sleeping beside me now! [ Reply | More ]
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You have to promise here and now that you will report back after next test! [ Reply | More ]
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This! I am happy and excited for you, and I don't even know you! [ Reply | More ]
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