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[ - ] Non-specialized High Schools. How much does your ranking impact admissions? I understand schools don't see how you rank them. But how does the DOE factor rankings? TIA! 1 Reply [ Reply | Watch | More ]
NY Schools 10.24.16, 12:06 PM Flag
It's very straightforward. it does not impact your chances outside of how you rank them -- there is no gaming the system. Lets say you list schools A.B, and C as your first three choices. School A ranks all their applicants and due to how those students rank school A, the computer goes through school A's ranking of 850 students until they have enough students to fill their seats. Your child, who ranked school A first, was ranked 900 by school A. Your child does not get an offer from school A. It takes School B to go through their top 500 applicants to fill their seats. Your child was ranked 250 by School B. Your child is now offered a spot at school B. Let's just say your child was ranked #1 on School C's list. Your child will not receive an offer from School C, because you ranked School B higher and received an offer from them. This is all happening by the DOE computer. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 10.24.16, 12:13 PM Flag
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