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[ - ] Anyone have a mother who likes or needs attention from DH? Mine is always guilting me that DH never calls her (he does not call his own mother) and goes on with him that "he is the son she never had." He already has 2 needy parents and wants no more obligations and she oversteps boundaries by calling him on his cell phone to come over without me when I have told her we have to stay home because I am sick with a cold. And also she is rude to me in front of him and interrupts us and reprimands me when he and I are disagreeing about a simple issue or miscommunication. It is like she wants to date him and he can barely stand her. 4 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
General Topics 07.08.15, 04:48 AM Flag
is she jewish? my jewish mother is like this. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 07.08.15, 05:07 AM Flag
jewish women have non-existent social and personal boundaries. [ Reply | More ]
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op: Not jewish but just a really needy widow with no friends within 500 miles. She has lived in the same town for 35 yrs and does not have a single friend. She is an insane, demanding PITA that ruins every weekend. Really spoiled widow of 8 years but horrible before that also. I just can't handle it anymore. [ Reply | More ]
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you need boundaries. it's the only thing that helped me. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] The thing about Stuy is that the 10% that are the academic terminators, get a great education, the rest that may not be the "swim or sink variety" do not. Hence the crap college placement. The whole idea that academically gifted students apply to SUNY/CUNY instead of the top 20 colleges, is a total cop out. 6 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
NY Schools 07.08.15, 04:35 AM Flag
Yes or they simply cannot afford. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 07.08.15, 04:51 AM Flag
No, they simply cannot get in. [ Reply | More ]
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Out of 800 students in a graduating class, do you really think any top school would offer 30 of them seats? It's a numbers game and sadly, Stuy has too many students to have a high percentage of students get into the TT schools. [ Reply | More ]
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No it's because Stuy culture is targeted at the success of the top of the class. Everyone else sinks. [ Reply | More ]
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How many of the top 20 colleges dont cost 50000 per yr? [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 07.08.15, 05:33 AM Flag
Top 20 have need blind admissions, there are grants, work-study and loans. You, my friend, are ignorant. [ Reply | More ]
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