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[ - ] Am I the only one boycotting tomorrow for this stupid preschool insanity? If people can home school high school kids I think I can save 15 k and home school a 3yr old. 4 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
General Topics 09.02.14, 07:30 AM Flag
Good for you, both my children started school when they went to 1/2 day prek and one is at lag and one is at bx sci... [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 09.02.14, 09:28 AM Flag
Yup, just you. You sound like one of those home school nuts. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 09.02.14, 11:08 AM Flag
If you want to keep your child home, great! I was thrilled that we could do it because my kids loved it and I loved the break. There is no law about it and as long as you read to them, do art, have play dates and take them to museums and such it will be fine. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 09.02.14, 11:24 AM Flag
Cannot imagine spending $15k on a few hours of blocks. [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 09.02.14, 11:20 AM Flag
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