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[ - ] Anyone still here? I posted a month ago about DH going on an overnight business trip to nashville and missing the next day of work because he chose to go to a benefit and brought his weird brothers long distance girlfriend as his date. Everyone said I was naive and he is having an affair but she is coming to Easter. Should I ask her? How would you bring this up in a nice way. I was pissed anyway because it was stupid and he needed to go back to work and then had miss the next day and go in on a sunday and in addition I think it is weird and inappropriate and makes him look like a cheater in front of business connections. "Meet my brother's girlfriend." Right. WWYD? 2 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Missing work is weird. Taking the potential future SIL isn't weird. Ask her what she thought of event. Be nice to her initially - she might be around for awhile. Kill her with kindness - if she acts guilty or aloof you will have info you need. [ Reply | More ]
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op: I know nothing happened, She came to be nice and to get in with the family. Don't know why because my BIL is more fucked up than my DH. It wasn't her fault but my DHs because he missed worked and in the meantime looked like a sleazy cheater. I will be nice to her, [ Reply | More ]
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