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[ - ] Anybody here? I woke up and can't sleep. 11 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Me! Same! 3mo woke me up an hour ago and now i can't sleep and dreading the thought of how tired I'll be tomorrow... [ Reply | More ]
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Me too. Are you alright? [ Reply | More ]
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I'm OR... Ok maybe you two can help me with what's keeping me awake. We live abroad where it's pretty cheap to have full time domestic help, and when I found out I was pg with #3, now 3mo, we thought it was a no brainer to hire a live-in nanny. Now that we're into it, though, I'm having a really hard time letting go of baby to her, older kids want nothing to do with her... I'm finding I don't need her as much as I thought, and resent her for always trying to take the baby (she doesn't seem to want to do anything but that - take care of db) but dh is pretty insistent we keep her bc he travels and, generally, bc he doesn't want any real responsibility or pressure at home as far as helping w the kids (aside from playing). Debating whether or not to let her go and hire a PT person... Is it too close to the holidays to fire someone? I feel bad about that...Could possibly make it till after New Years but honestly, she annoys the hell out of me (though she is trustworthy) [ Reply | More ]
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I would either keep her until the new year and give her normal severance, or give her a big one right now and let her go. I'd lean toward the former since I'm a wimp. I'd only choose the latter route if she really truly bothered me. [ Reply | More ]
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She used to work for our next door neighbors, who moved back to the states, and seemed great w them. We were thrilled to have her come work for us. But she's so hung up on missing her former charges, always talking about them, we bump into friends who were friends w ex-neighbors and she practically cries to them about how much she misses them in front of me... so annoying. sure, the mom was way more hands-off than I am and nanny was practically raising those kids on her own (their #3 even called her 'mama' which I would never be cool with) so I guess she enjoyed her job more there.. Here she actually has to follow instruction from me... And I'm finding she actually sucks at being a nanny, has no real experience w kids aside from neighbors, with whom she worked for 3 yrs... [ Reply | More ]
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How long has she been with you? Three years is decent experience, especially if she was raising them those kids on her own. It sounds like she's going through an adjustment period, getting a feel for what you are looking for. It's tough, I'd imagine, to go from being able to work fairly independently to working with you there. She also probably fixates on the baby because, unfortunately, your older kids won't go to her. I'm sure that contributes to her unhappiness and missing the other family. [ Reply | More ]
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^^^I know it has to be annoying to have someone invade your space, but I would honestly cut her some slack, sounds like she is trying to do her job but the adjustment has been rocky on both sides. [ Reply | More ]
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OP. I agree, and that's why she's still here (2 months now)... It seems that she's doing her best, but I wonder if it's just doing more harm than good for my 3 kids to have this kind of negative energy around... I long for privacy and intimacy with my kids, where we can just relax on our own and not have this other adult invading our space, like you said... and the worst part is that since she can't set/enforce limits w the older kids, I end up having to be bad cop all the time... I'm the only one that can get them to do things they need to but don't necessarily want to, even after I've asked her to do them herself... The only reason I want her here is bc there's lots of traffic in the city where we live and I hate the thought of db stuck in the carseat all day long while I have to do errands, drop off/ pick up from preschool (which, in itself can take 1hr round trip), older kids' afternoon activities, etc... [ Reply | More ]
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Ps thanks for taking the time to respond... [ Reply | More ]
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When my kids started school full day, we had the let our full time nanny go and hired a part time (after school) babysitter. The kids didn't listen to her until I told them that, on no uncertain terms, they had to do what she told them to do. I told them that in front if her so that everyone was on the same page and also so that she felt empowered to be firm with them, even when I was around. She probably feels awkward since you are there and isn't as direct or firm as she normally would be. You've got to communicate with everyone that it's your desire that she and you are a team working together. [ Reply | More ]
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Or I can just let her go... Haha sorry! I know you're trying to help (and I have indeed done as you suggested, when she first started) but I really want to let her go... I might be shooting myself in the foot by doing so, but oh well [ Reply | More ]
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What's wrong? [ Reply | More ]
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