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[ - ] Ugh. Young lady who works for me doesn't have custody of her daughter and feels bad about it so needs to be heroically and dramatically present when anything comes up. School pics? Day off. Fever? Day off. Birthday? Day off. Charter school info session? Day off. Need to buy candy for school activity the next dat? Day off. So irritating. 2 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
General Topics 05.06.16, 11:03 AM Flag
Why doesn't she have custody ? That's odd. How often can these events come up? Got to be less time off than if she actually had the kid? [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 05.06.16, 11:07 AM Flag
^*^ and who needs a day off to buy candy? Who even goes to school picture day? Why doesn't she have kid if she is such a sainted mother? Is it drugs? Maybe that is real cause of needing days off? [ Reply | More ]
General Topics 05.06.16, 11:08 AM Flag
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