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[ - ] What is the reputation of the NYU Wagner school? I am in my mid-40s with young kids but I want a job with more responsibility and a public service aspect --right now I am in journalism as an editor -- so I am thinking of getting an exec MPA in the evenings. am I crazy or is this a good idea? 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Non-profit managers do not earn lots probably akin to a senior editor. [ Reply | More ]
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was thinking more along the lines of head of communications/external relations/marketing for nonprofits? if the org is well established, this might pay well too? [ Reply | More ]
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If you have a degree in Journalism, you could possibly do this now, but the MPA at NYU would connect you with people. In the early 2000s I did web work and grants writing for a largish non-profit and earned just 55K. In 2007 I talked to them about returning for - they offered even less (but swore they needed me back and were mad when I didn't take it). My experience was that there was no way to advance in the organization. It was one manager and a rotation of low paid workers (with masters degrees too). If you were a manager or director you could earn 100K. Management paid themselves double what people next rung down earned. Check out the Chronicle of Philanthropy for insider details, Also a recent study showed very high dissatisfaction levels for non-profit workers attributed to poor management styles and low salaries. I think it was in Idealist or something. I work in higher ed now - much better. [ Reply | More ]
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thanks. so you think the value of the mpa is just networking? or is there value in the education too? and what about wagner's reputation? [ Reply | More ]
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NP: for communications or marketing I am not sure of the value of the coursework. But for executive level positions I think it is valuable. I run a nonprofit and have a few staff who have gone through and taken a lot of finance and organizational classes and have really learned a lot. Many managers in my org have social work degrees, so people with finance and management expertise are valuable. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] I have written like 900 words in Notepad about a situation at work trying to work out the anger so I can actually relax through this weekend. Nope still angry. 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Post here. We'll help. :) [ Reply | More ]
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Boss's boss gets overly involved - calls meetings with someone who is like my co-manager and gives her projects and directs her to give work to people who essentially report to me (I guess I can also point out since this is anon that they are of a shared minority status and that the boss's boss nominated my co-manager for a "management institute" - I do not begrudge this mentorship but it is sidelining me). There have been meetings where we have expressly outlined that I am co-manager and where the lines are drawn, but they persist. Today they called someone on my side that I supposedly supervise in for a disciplinary meeting without consulting me (the staff person was apparently disrespectful to my co-manager). I was told that it was "personal" and not of my concern, but the staff person had shared with me the situation already. She told me she apologized for her attitude (which she shouldn't have because she doesn't have one) and she told them about "stress" she's been under in our department. They then discussed the issue, again without my insight, which could have cleared it all up. I e-mailed my boss's boss requesting a brief discussion and she sat in her office all day without responding then left at 4. If you are wondering our boss was at a conference. I know this makes no sense. I should also say I get nothing - nada - extra for being a supervisor so I should probably tell them to take it all on if they want to continue to do this and just go back to what I was doing 6 months ago - not supervising or working in this area. I never gave up any of the old work when I took the new work on. I know this makes not sense. [ Reply | More ]
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Other, similar incidents happen all the time and the people on my side have started to ask - do we report to you or her. It's been 6 months of this. [ Reply | More ]
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Keep the notepad by the bed so you can release the cracken if the anger keeps waking you up [ Reply | More ]
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I find that makes me more angry. Try to stop for a while. Don't do it before bed. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] Anybody have an SUV they love? 9 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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I love my Buick Enclave, [ Reply | More ]
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I'm on my 2nd RAV. [ Reply | More ]
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NP: has anyone checked out new Volvo xc90? I am curious, would love to know how ppl feel about the integrated boosters. [ Reply | More ]
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I loved the integrated boosters in my 2004 volvo wagon, and so did the kids. [ Reply | More ]
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BMW X1. [ Reply | More ]
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Really more wagon-sized, but I do love my Subaru Crosstrek. The AWD comes in handy for us pretty frequently. [ Reply | More ]
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Just got the Toyota Highlander. Like it so far. [ Reply | More ]
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This is the one we were looking at. Also the Santa Fe which gets #1 by US News. Never thought I'd consider a Hyundai. Did you look at it? [ Reply | More ]
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No we did not. The option for the captain's chairs in the second row along with the third seat sold me on the Highlander. [ Reply | More ]
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