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[ - ] First "granny mom" incident. I met 3 yr old dcs friend today from their "my Gym" and the mom introduced herself and before i had a chance she said "are you the grandmother?" Not her fault at all as I look older than 45 just by genetics. She was embarrassed and I was shocked and crushed as this was my first misunderstanding. I brought ds into the bathroom and cried and told dc I hurt my foot and cooled down and went back out and started talking schools and normal talk with the very nice mother. Funny because I have a friend that had a baby friday who is a year older than me and one of my best friends had kids at 49 and 50. I am sure there will be many more of these confusions to come but this was my first and it was painful. 4 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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^I will have to thicken my skin but this is the first time I has been mistaken as a grandparent. That hurts. [ Reply | More ]
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I'm sorry--certainly awkward but not mean-spirited. Too old, too young, work too much/too little, mothers can't win. [ Reply | More ]
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I am sensitive to this sort of thing too, esp around relatives who had babies much earlier, and even though I wouldn't change anything (well, except the miscarriages en route) about the dc and career I have now. I'm a better mom now than I would have been at 25 and I bet you are too. Be proud of the kind of mum you are, not hung up on some arbitrary number. [ Reply | More ]
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+1. [ Reply | More ]
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