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[ - ] dammit, just woke up after too much wine with a coworker, came here hoping for some company. it's only spam! dh alseep. anyone out there? 4 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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I'm here. Dd has been up for an hour. I've been in and out to comfort her but I just can't sit in that glider any longer. She is now just sitting up, no crying, in the crib. Isn't that the most interesting story you've ever heard? [ Reply | More ]
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Sorry for your troubles love. Hope it gets better. [ Reply | More ]
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^I'm early 30s and younger brother just called me obviously black out drunk, claiming he knows my (even younger) sister is in trouble and won't rest until she's safe. She just texted him around 2am because I didn't respond, and she was hoping to talk to someone. Wow we sound like a messed up family but I promise we're not, we just let loose on the weekends. None of us have kids yet. [ Reply | More ]
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^has [ Reply | More ]
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