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[ - ] Below its just mom there and that's me unfortunately on but this is I get this kind of question allot um where people are they think they’re leaner than they are in this used to be the problem may have people that will write Ian allay on my four percent body fat ohm but I don't have a full six pack now no you’re not for real body fat 4percent body fat is bodybuilders on stage that's for body fat like your you don't have fat on urine everythingfeels all your skin feels like this everywhere like back here you know lower abs feels like that that’s you could sit you could have Street shredded like no curling you crashing down soon that’s that's one issue of people they think they're leaner than they are so think like homesick I'm sick percent but why am I not sure like all because 6 on Sol see that often and but they're all sorts whether things one is a stubborn fat thing Wichita Kan website article on some fat which Israel I'll talk more about that second and umanother part of it is a leading to body composition so thesis where a person can actually be where a person could be 8 percent body fat look very soft and book skinny fat and somebody who has allot of the man's in the eight percent look pretty godlike you're going to have full absentee percent your walk or flaps on you know you're going to that quite like the look that girls or most girls are into you crazy asking their me but you will look at your you know a whole week percent means so that is II will talk about our customers for so stubborn fat Israel it's not it sounds good broscientific but it's not it's real on what it boils down to is the fat cells in your body they have two different types of sectors which think as Cali docking stations for chemicals that your body produces on.. http://www.optimalstackfacts.org/protosterone/ 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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