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[ - ] I just couldn't get comfortable was really painful to slide down a second week the son that feeling wagons do it just a little bit tender but not as bad anymore was getting a lot more pimples whiteheads on my face and on my back and I also noticed was the end of the week 3 that my nose was extremely of me and I was actually the back his getting pushed strange sounds really disgusting face the exchanges pushing up the price congestion and my kids and anyway I'm say I was using that for about month and then I actually had a really weird reaction that my eyes when extremely oaf site that kind of freaked me out and straightway I stopped taking a vacation I went to my doctor because I couldn't get in to see much of it on the list and my doctor really have no idea of such things as she just said I'm so taking the medication for now Bellalabs I have some antihistamines and go see a dermatologist is seen as you can say branch chief three days later I got Togo in and see my dermatologist and he said I'm he wasn't exactly sure always happy we could really tell if it was just some random action I had to something else of it was accident but just a safe course I did stop taking exchange for two weeks by the swelling kind of nicely went down but my eyes were still a little bit puffy and very kind of have to look up to a little bit like what I saw it erased and I'm anyway after two Bellalabs weeks eyesight on the medication and I still get West at this time I actually started off hot weather. http://wrinklereducerfacts.com/ 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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[ - ] Is anyone up? I just saw that some idiot high school "friend" of my daughter"rated" her on fb. In the most inane couple of paragraphs he manages to diminish my dd through his utter lack of enthusiasm.."looks 7 out of 10.. and it goes on to more idiotic description of his hardly remembering how he met her how he's sorry he sometimes ignores her how sure, he would hug her and how he might go out with her "if she asks him nicely." What an asshole. I want to comment something short and scathing. My dd is such a softy she may just ignore but I think he needs a sharp retort. WWYD? 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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btw, the boy in question is not only a high school senior. Yes, that's right, a senior. My daughter managed to go all through middle school and to the end of high school without being "rated on fb" Such a little prick. [ Reply | More ]
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Wow, he's awful. Where did he post this? Her wall? I would resist writing something. Tough enough on your daughter to have it out there. But tougher if her mom defends her. [ Reply | More ]
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Thanks for replying. what a jerk he is. You're right, though. I think I'm going to advise her to remove it. I hope to God she doesn't "like" it. She's such a softie. Time to stand up straight and ignore him. [ Reply | More ]
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yes. He posted it on her wall. [ Reply | More ]
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So everyone on her friends list sees it. Bastard. [ Reply | More ]
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