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[ - ] Say you have two kids in an activity, something popular, skill-based, hard to get into, and the older is thriving and loving it. The younger kid is having a terrible time, and you realize in addition to the teacher being cruel, the kid is not learning, and it's a money grab in the lower level because the classes are way too big. Parents are not expected to complain in this field, and you don't want to ruin it for your older kid. what do you do? 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Finish out the term and put younger child in a different activity. [ Reply | More ]
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Yes, this is reasonable. The younger one keeps coming home crying and after supporting the organization I'm pissed. [ Reply | More ]
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Sorry--they ask for the whole year's tuition up front. So there's no exit until June (read that as finish out the year). [ Reply | More ]
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I'd give the younger a choice - stick with it, pull it together during the activity and know she won't have to do it again or quit and sit on the sidelines doing homework. [ Reply | More ]
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Np- yeah, just pull the younger one. She/he doesn't really like it. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] Help me not feel bad about this one. My housekeeper who passed has a daughter in her early 20s with a baby. I helped the daughter out of a jam a while ago financially by giving her first, last and security for an apartment and a lead on a job. I found out later that she has tended to use the baby to get money from more than one person. I just got a new story by text overnight about how she is going to be evicted on the 1st and can't pay her bills. She just needs another hand up. She knows we have the money which is the problem. I am not comfortable becoming a regular go-to source of income for her, particularly since I know the baby is well cared for and that she continues to get her hair and nails done, owns an iPad, gets child support regularly, doesn't have a social worker etc. 1. what do I say and 2. tell me not to feel guilty. I just have a hard time saying no, even though I know I have to. 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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She's going to keep coming back to you unless you stop this. I would send gifts for the baby on birthday and holidays, but I would tell her that you don't have any extra money at this point to help her out. She doesn't know your finances. You can say to her that you've had a bunch of other expenses come up recently and you cannot help her this month, sorry. Send a nice gift for Chirstmas (or whatever holiday she celebrates) and be done. [ Reply | More ]
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this. sorry, some people are like this. you cant really help her. [ Reply | More ]
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Can she work for you? Maybe offer to hire her for cleaning a couple of times a month? Equate money you flow to her needs to be given in exchange for work. [ Reply | More ]
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I wouldn't get into this. You're relationship with her has already been set and she may start resenting. I'm sure her mother would be upset that she is doing this to you. [ Reply | More ]
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Either you give her a gift in memory of/tribute to her late mother or you don't. It sounds like you don't want to, so don't. [ Reply | More ]
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