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[ - ] DH and I didn't grow up in families that had a tradition of emphasizing charity or service work. It just wasn't important to our parents. Consequently, in our own home today, we don't really have any emphasis on charity or service work. When we do give, we tend to give for self-serving reasons: a gift to our childrens' school; a tax-deduction for things we give to Goodwill; sponsoring a friend's fundraising; etc. Overall, neither I nor DH get any psychic benefit from charity or service work. We also aren't religious, so we don't feel any religious compulsion to do so. Can those of you who do give generously (of your time, money) state the case for why charity matters? Why should we do it? Why should we teach our kids to do it? I'm genuinely open to considering whether we should change? 3 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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DH and I used to be soft touches and pretty generous, until we figured out that it just meant people kept coming back after us and saying "you gave 2K last year we challenge you to consider 3K this year!" Also everyone, EVERYONE, has a cause. This one's kid has diabetes, that one has a sister with a son with down syndrome, everyone wants to be lance armstrong and race for cancer or has a high schooler in a walkathon. We gave tens of thousands to our alma mater which rejected our daughter. Gave quite a bit to my prep school where I will never send one of my kids, and who had their development office try to facebook friend me and sent someone to my front door with cookies to ask why I didn't give last fiscal year. We just eventually got sick of all the hands out. [ Reply | More ]
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Sorry, i know this is the opposite response to what you asked, but it's something that we've been overhauling recently. We just finally decided we could end up giving away everything if we kept on upping the ante with all the causes. And, as we found out, the second you stop giving, except for the schools, which are happy to keep making students call you at all hours or send you postcards, once you stop giving to someone's cause, they drop you. [ Reply | More ]
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my family is incredibly lucky, lots of other people aren't. why would i not try to help others if I can? you can care about the rest of the world without being religious (we aren't). [ Reply | More ]
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