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[ - ] Does anyone have a friend who "triggers" them? I have a friend (we don't see each other much anymore), but whenever we get together, she makes a point of casually mentioning how she's really close friends with this person; always hanging out with that person; had a great time a recent party/social event. Bottom line, I always leave her company feeling badly. I'm trying to decide if I'm too sensitive or if I should just acknowledge that some people don't bring out the best in me (not necessarily Anyone's fault, just a reality) and stop seeing her altogether. 5 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Yes, I have a friend exactly like this. I worried at first that I was being too sensitive, but I don't think I am. I've noticed she gets more obnoxious whenever she's in an unfamiliar or awkward situation. I think it's a defense mechanism borne from insecurity. [ Reply | More ]
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Thank you for the reply. There is something about the way she says these things that makes me feel like it's gratuitous. Like she isn't telling me about her many close friends and active social life because it's relevant to our conversation, but because she wants me to know that she has more friends and that I've been replaced (we used to be closer). I just leave feeling like crap. [ Reply | More ]
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I used to have friends like this but I think I outgrew them. Now I have mostly people who I find fulfilling and entertaining. Try to weed out those who bring bad energy into your life. [ Reply | More ]
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I just came to a point in my life where I had to take stock of all my friends and drop the ones that gave me negativity, including those who always made me feel bad in their company or after seeing them. Its subtle and hard to tell but I'm trusting my instincts more. I just want to be around people who enjoy my company. Period. [ Reply | More ]
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I know people like this - it's insecurity (as another poster said) and I feel sorry for them. One of my friends has very little going on and the one thing she has over me is that she's thin and I'm not. When she's feeling down she just talks and talks about how great it is to be thin. It makes me feel sad for her. [ Reply | More ]
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