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[ - ] oursUniversiade champions this year we good series made all six of his lips in cut on world champion in you unti Xtreme NitroXtreme Nitro l your in 2010 and in-between those two achieveXtreme Nitro ments of course getting an Olympic s Xtreme Nitroilver behind Ilea Ilion but he was well beat Xtreme Nitro en he was Xtreme Nitro nine kilos behXtreme Nitro Xtreme Nitroind that superstar of cozy lifting five seconds very tight me well that's the first really big surprise for me Michaela you're coming up a little Asian your YouTube of his ready to ship right throughout lift signage most usual top for talking on those shiny trying to fill it with his arms too much Honeywell he'll certainly get a wake-up call but said of now for Kazakhstan coached by book election even his team up for 180 this for the lead and he gets it delivery she glibly Shea fears for this damage she sh Xtreme Nitro e's in a great position now that he's got one moreXtreme Nitro time website inXtreme Nitro cluding sonic issues what he wants to come and look at them to look at what age should it wasn't those on XM go photos the sleeper the government's so too even of almost the lightest but not quite the 10 contenders now Cain coming down to twenty seconds in which to execute a much better the whole thing was much better in the way things worked outshot on the stage separation are you shopping zone visualizing doing all the back but do you host yeah with soon be enough time but much much better jail delivery it's generated he just likes to maximum efficiency not so he goes into the gold medal position by virtue lighter body weight over bloody me a set of but now coming onto staged in his last attempt this is a Mac tank up now he weighed in at 9322 and even offer 9326 so East just nap little bit lighter which means that if he makes this he'll be the new leader the and he's going to do just got K the National DPG she loves executed picture-taking masses I Russia sheet whitish the http://xtremenitrohealth.com/ 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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