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[ - ] S/O. Who wants total equality and fairness?! I prefer the onus being on him for things I expect of him! I made it unequivocally clear what these expectations are. 6 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Whatever people agree to is fine, as long as it's consensual. I wouldn't want 50/50 anything in my marriage because we are good at/want different things. [ Reply | More ]
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I want 50-50 value and effort brought into the marriage. Most men just swing around their big salaries, which in most cases are rarely big enough to compensate for the work and effort they dump on their wives, this is usually the case in dual income couples. [ Reply | More ]
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So then don’t marry these men. [ Reply | More ]
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+1. It's evident early on how people are in this regard. To proceed to marry someone despite their attitude is entertainment for outsiders. [ Reply | More ]
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Not true. Most of these couples meet in college or right after. The only thing that is evident at that point is maybe ambition or potential, no way to gauge how they will fare when under pressure. [ Reply | More ]
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+1 there is as much chance that a man will be completely different at 45 than at 25 as there is that he will stay largely the same. Too many variables. Only in hindsight do I now understand that I married someone more likely to eventually have an affair than not. Even the type of affair was predictable. Live and learn. [ Reply | More ]
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