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[ - ] Dd is going in to kindergarten next year. At school this year she has had a hard time. She wants very much to do her own thing, she doesn't really play cooperatively (although she has friends and the kids like her), the school brought in an aide to help. I have started volunteering in the classroom to help as well. When I am there all is well. The teachers say she is a different child when I am there. I've had her evaluated three times by various professionals over the past three months. No one can diagnose her. I truly think she has deep anxiety, but I have no idea what to do about it. Anyone have any advice or btdt? 2 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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Observe her secretly so you can better see the behavior [ Reply | More ]
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She is getting so much attention, why should she change her behavior? Maybe an aide should help out but you should stop volunteering in her classroom. If you want to homeschool DD go ahead. But this is too much Mommy time and support. Of course she is a different child - Mommy came to school with her unlike the other kids. She's special. "Diagnose her?" What are you looking for, a child who cannot cope with others? Then you are well on your way. Let the school handle it, back off and enjoy DD at home. [ Reply | More ]
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