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[ - ] Reason #233 to avoid public school: the poor black kids are so poorly socialized that the city has taken to hiring "recess coaches" to intermediate the play during recess and avoid bullying and violence. Fact is that by third or fourth grade, a lot of these cute ghetto kids have aged into violent proto thugs. Beware. 4 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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White kids who shoot up schools trumps all your reasons, racist. [ Reply | More ]
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I disagree. Schoolyard violence is much for prevalent that the one in 10 million school shootings. [ Reply | More ]
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I don't see the problem. So don't put your kids in public school. Don't worry about what everyone else needs to do. [ Reply | More ]
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[ - ] This last post about Mark Twain middle is interesting: QUOTE: Was just at the middle school open house for Mark Twain and WTF, they changed the athletic test to include a written portion where they ask 10 questions on the history and strategy of the 6 sports they offer at the school. Again, wtf?? They did away with basketball and running, and kept soccer and throwing and catching. Now they expect the kids to know every rule of every sport plus its history? Are they kidding me? Anyone know why they did this???? UNQUOTE Someone else wrote that athletics is heavily black and Latino, so MT is trying to give more athletic spots to Chinese and white kids. But what about math and science?? Any way to break that up? I know it's cultural that more Asian and Eastern European kids get in for this talent than other groups, but why are they gaming the system in this way to ostensibly limit minority enrollment (is it racism: another lawsuit)? It's ridiculous. I know there was a lawsuit filed against Mark Twain by a minority family (Indian) who found out that their kid didn't get in for music with a score of 79, when a white kid they know got a 77 and made into Mark Twain while having a lower score on their talent test...there must be quotas (as the lawsuit alleges). The lawsuit went on to further note that the minority kids who got into the music talent got in with scores of 84 or better. Insane. In addition, every teacher that works at MT who has a middle school aged kid gets into the talent of their choosing? Wow...you have to game the system no matter your age, no matter the level of merit, no matter what the law says. Insane. 0 Replies [ Reply | Watch | More ]
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